(18 months - up to 3 years)

Mondays 9.30 - 11am
Tuesdays 9.30 -11am

Wednesdays 9.15 - 10.45am

Cost: £99 for 6 weeks/£189 for 12 weeks
(Mondays £82.50 for the 5 weeks/£174 for the 11 weeks)

The toddler class offers opportunities for your child to further refine their skills and fulfil their growing desire for independence in a safe, child-led environment. The children will explore the classroom independently, choosing carefully prepared activities of their choice across the four key areas of Practical Life, Movement, Language, Art and Music. I will be closely observing, offering activities that attract their interest and meet their development needs and guiding you on how you can help your child both in the class and at home.

Classes currently limited to 6-8 toddlers (plus 1 parent/carer per toddler)

Structure: arrival, removal of coats/shoes, free exploration of the activities, preparation of snack and drink if chosen, sing-song and goodbyes

Please bring: comfy clothes that your toddler can move freely in, get messy in and work towards undressing/dressing independently in - joggers, t-shirt and pull-on or velcro shoes are ideal. A change of clothes is helpful

Practical Life

One of the key difference you will observe in the toddler class is the range of 'practical life' activities available - this is one of the unique features of a Montessori classroom. As the child develops a growing need for independence and doing things for themselves, we provide opportunities for the child to develop and practice the skills of everyday life - all using toddler sized equipment. This could be preparing their own snack and drink (a real highlight of the class!), taking their shoes on and off when they arrive/leave, watering a plant, planting a seed, washing the windows, sweeping the floor.


The toddler class is very busy with lots of movement! The child at this age has mastered walking and is developing eye-hand coordination, refining their abilities. The activities in the toddler class offer opportunities to support this. Activities that develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and early development of pencil grip include cutting, threading, art activities, puzzles, sorting. Activities that involve carrying, balancing, pushing, pulling, and songs involving jumping and hopping, help to develop gross motor skills.


This is an intense period of language development - between these ages your child will progress from being able to say one or two words, to up to 300 words, including whole phrases and sentences, asking questions and holding more complex conversations. The class provides a language rich environment which most importantly starts with a responsive adult, acknowledging and responding to the child's attempts at communication, also lots of naming and introducing new vocabulary through the Montessori activities, storybooks, poetry and song.

Art and Music

Opportunities for the development of artistic expression through music and art are available. These include drawing, painting, glueing, clay moulding, percussion instruments and a group sing song at the end with your toddler's favourites and a focus on movement based songs.